Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food I've consumed today

This will be added to during the day anytime that I eat/drink anything.

I've had two cups of coffee, which translates to one, four-cup pot of coffee, each doctored with one container of Mini Moo-portion size container of half n half for coffee. My second cup was also doctored with some vanilla caramel Coffee Mate and both cups had one packet of pink stuff (you know what I mean.).

Breakfast: One bowl of steel-cut oatmeal. I used one cup of water to 1/3 cup oats. It was doctored with three chopped slices of lite peaches with a bit of the syrup, one packet of pink stuff and two Mini Moos. That was slightly more than what the oat package said was one serving, which is 1/4 cup oats to 3/4 cup water (Or a 1-3 ratio, oats to water) Simmer for about 20 minutes. Its texture is nothing like the rolled oats that you get from Quaker and I think I like it better, it seems to stick with you longer than the rolled oats and I heard steel-cut were better for you than the rolled because it takes longer to digest than rolled. They seem to be worth the pricey tab, but we'll see how long that small bag lasts me. I'll probably be the only one eating them anyway.

Supper will most definitely be roast. I have a roast cooking in my five quart crock pot with potatoes and onions. I left the jackets on the potatoes and just cut them up into rounds since they were on the skinny side. I seasoned them with some garlic pepper salt and coated them in 1/4 cup flour and one packet of onion soup mix in the bottom of the crock pot and poured in around a cup and a half of water. I then browned the top and bottom of a fairly large boneless chuck roast and placed it on top of the potatoes. It's cooking on low and should be ready by the time the husband and son get off work.

I know, potatoes are not the ideal diet food, but it's the overeating of them that's the problem. I intend to put more vegetables in my diet, but if I limit the potato portions I should be okay. I'll probably start substituting sweet potatoes for myself since they're better for me.

Lunch: Probably some chicken/rice. I have some chicken thighs and I feel like some chicken/rice. I know brown rice is better since it still has the bran and everything, but I'm going to use up the rice I have first, then start getting the brown. Same deal as with the potatoes-don't go overboard with portions.

I know chicken breasts are leaner than thighs, but chicken as a whole is much leaner than beef/pork, and breast portions cost more than thighs and I don't like drumsticks. I do like wings too, so it really depends on what I feel like having when I have chicken since I like both the dark and the light meat (with the exception of drumsticks, I'll only eat them if they're all that's available.).

Had the chicken/rice, along with a caffeine-free DP. I know it wasn't sugar-free, but that'll be my one indulgence today. That's what I'll be doing, allowing at least one small indulgence in the day to offset giving up a lot of what I love that isn't good for me.

After getting home I had a sausage/egg/cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread, about half a cup of ice cream-vanilla and three fresh-baked, medium cookies. Not the best way to end the day, so I'm gonna do better tomorrow. Only thing I can say is I didn't constantly eat between meals like I was doing.

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