Thursday, November 18, 2010



Same as yesterday-steel-cut oats/peaches/mini moos and sweet/low
Two cups coffee

Lunch will be leftover chicken/rice with some kind of veggie side. One chicken thigh, about a 1/4c rice/sauce and about 1/2c mustard greens.

Supper will be leftover roast, mustard greens (cornbread for Hub).

Likely I'll have to leave my treat for after I get home if Hub keeps baking cookie dough, I just can't resist warm chocolate chip cookies, I'll just have to restrict it to just one instead of three.

I'll be taking in more water too, I've filled an empty nestle water bottle and a quart bottle and refrigerated them. That's what I'll drink today.

I'm out of mini moos now, so I'll likely get some half/half to have with my oats. Two mini moos are only 20 cals so I think I can afford that much. I think a serving is a tablespoon, I'll see what the carton of half/half says.

Yeah, I know, 40 extra cals in the morning from the oats and two coffees, but hey, it's better than full cream and I dislike skim milk in my coffee. The half/half has the same cals as Coffee-Mate, so it's either that or half/half

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